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Verify Capabilities

AnyTime Verify
Thanks to BRU’s 2KB checksum mechanism, ArGest Backup is able to verify the contents of your archives at any time, not only immediately following the archive operation. This means that you can determine the validity of an archive at any time without requiring access to the original filesystem data. This also means that you can perform verify passes on archival media on different machines, or even on a different OS platform.

Comparison Verify
If you do have the need to compare your archive contents to the original filesystem data, you can also do this using ArGest Backup’s Comparison Verify mode. In this mode, ArGest Backup will reread the archive contents and compare not only the file data but also any permissions, ACL settings, and Extended Attributes to those of the original filesystem. This mode is good for comparing a known good filesystem state to a filesystem suspected of corruption or possible tampering.