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Changing Default BRU Operations With: (-Q)

This option allows you to change or reset BRU default operations set in the BRUTAB file. By using the -Q option with one of it’s create mode modifiers (H or L) BRU will disable that setting and allow you to run with the new settings.

    -QH – This option will disable BRU from placing small files into tape headers. Using this option allows you to create BRU tapes that are compatible with versions of BRU prior to 14.2. This will override the global BRUTAB setting of NOFILESINHDRS.
    -QL – This option tells BRU to use the literal string as a tape label. This overrides BRU’s attempt to look for a file from which to read the tape label. This can be useful if you have a file (in the directory that you are running BRU from) that has the same name as your label string.
    -QV – This option is used when extracting (restoring) and tells BRU to ignore that fact that the operation is not starting on the first tape of an archive set and not prompt with a warning.
    -QX – This option enables the use of the include/exclude patterns file. The default location for the file in ArGest Backup on Mac is:

    /Library/Application Support/ArGest Backup/etc/bruxpat