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  5. Dumping the Archive Information Block: (-g)

Dumping the Archive Information Block: (-g)

The -g mode prints formatted information from the archive header. This information is stored in the first block (2K) of the archive. The archive header contains information about when and where the archive was created, who created it, etc. It also contains an optional 63-character label (specified by the user who created the archive).

The following example shows how to use the -g mode to list the archive header information:

$ bru -g
label: 2010-10-15 /Applications/BRU UB
created: Fri Oct 15 07:54:46 2010
artime: 1287154486
archive_id: 4cb86b367287
volume: 1
writes: 0
release: 17.1
variant: 0
bufsize: 8192
msize: 0
msize_blks: 0
serial_number: UNSERIALIZED
device: ntape0
user: tjones
group: staff
system: Darwin Tim-Jone 10.4.0 Darwin K i386
bru: mac-osx
command_line: /bin/bru -cvvOA -QB -b 8k -R -QX -j -L 2010-10-15 /Applications/BRU UB -l -f /Users

The archive information block fields are described below:
Label that was specified with the -L option when archive was created. Blank if no label was given.
Date when BRU started to create the archive.
Integer representing the archive creation time. The value of artime is the number of seconds since January 1, 1970 (UNIX time).
A hexadecimal number that can be used as unique archive identifier. This number is derived from the time (first 8 digits) and the process ID (last 4 digits).
Which volume of the archive this tape belongs to.
The release of the BRU software used to create the archive.
Information about the particular variant of BRU. A revision control string.
Buffer size (in bytes) used to create this archive.
Media size (in bytes) in effect when archive was created.
Same as above, except media size is specified as the number of 2K blocks.
The serial number of the BRU license doing
The name of device used to create this archive.
The user who created this archive.
The primary group of the user who created this archive.
Information about the system on which this archive was created.
Information about the version of BRU used to create this archive.
The command used to create the archive.