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  5. Specifying Media Size: (-s media_size)

Specifying Media Size: (-s media_size)

The -s option allows you to specify media size in the following format:

bru -c -s msize [options] [files]

msize is usually expressed as kilobytes (K bytes), megabytes (M bytes), gigabytes, or occasionally as bytes. Normally this option is only required with -c mode since BRU writes this information onto the archive header block. If specified, msize overrides any existing default value, whether built in or read from the archive header.

The following command is an example that writes to a 3.5” floppy disk using a size of 1440KB. It will back up all the files in the /tmp directory:

bru -cv -s 1440K -f /dev/rfd0135ds18 /tmp