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Device Compatibility

ArGest Backup provides support for all major modern tape technologies – LTO, DAT, and most other tape technologies – in both standalone and library arrangements while supporting all current I/O transport layers, including USB, SCSI, SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel, and Thunderbolt. In each configuration, ArGest Backup will use the features of both the transport layer and the tape device technology to ensure high performance, ultra-reliability, and low system resource utilization. ArGest Backup also supports disk targets, allowing you to use low-cost removable disk devices for archive storage.

Depending on your license, ArGest Backup supports 1 or 2 tape devices and tape libraries and autoloaders with up to 50 tape slots. For disk storage, ArGest Backup will support the creation of archives on any mountable volume – including RDX, DVD-RAM, USB/eSATA disk, SAN and NAS storage arrays, and private or public cloud storage pools.