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AUTOSCAN Verification

A large percentage of backup problems are caused by tapes (or other media) that are unreadable. If your tape drive goes bad, it can write tapes that contain errors. Or your tape may contain bad spots. Tape drives are notoriously poor at detecting errors while writing. Usually no errors will be reported and problems will not be detected unless the tape is actually read.

Unfortunately, this is often too late. You may be trying to restore the only copy of a file from a backup tape that was never verified. Unless your archive tapes are verified immediately after you create the archive, any tape drive (or bad tape cartridge) problems may go undetected. Without verification, your backup tape may be worthless.

The AUTOSCAN feature automatically detects problems of this type. AUTOSCAN is enabled by default. With AUTOSCAN enabled, BRU will automatically rewind your tape and “scan” it by reading all the data that was just written. It will read each block of data and verify the checksums. If there are no problems, BRU will continue with the backup and ask for the next volume (if any). If errors are detected, BRU will issue warning messages.

The AUTOSCAN feature is normally enabled when the -c (create mode) option is used.