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Confirmation Option: (-w)

If you are not quite sure what BRU is going to do, you may want to use this option as a test, on a small subset of files. When the -w option (wait for confirmation) is specified, for each file, BRU:

  • Prints the file name
  • Shows the action it is about to take
  • Asks for confirmation
  • If you have a very long list of files, the confirmation option can be tedious. BRU therefore provides a special response that lets you change your mind. If you type a g (for “go ahead”) instead of y or n, BRU will stop asking for confirmation. The following example shows how this response is used.

    $ bru -cvw -f /dev/null ./bin
    c ./: please confirm [y/n/g] y
    c 2k of 4k [1] ./
    c ./bin: please confirm [y/n/g] y
    c 2k of 6k [1] ./bin
    c ./bin/acctcom: please confirm [y/n/g] y
    c 72k of 78k [1] ./bin/acctcom
    c ./bin/adb: please confirm [y/n/g] y
    c 68k of 146k [1] ./bin/adb
    c ./bin/ar: please confirm [y/n/g] g
    c 36k of 182k [1] ./bin/ar
    c 120k of 302k [1] ./bin/as
    c 16k of 318k [1] ./bin/asa
    c 4k of 322k [1] ./bin/basename

    . . .
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Be aware that once you have typed g in response to BRU’s request for confirmation, you cannot go back to confirmation mode.