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ArGest Backup is provided in a standard macOS DMG and Installer package, a Windows Installer EXE package, or a Linux TGZ package format.

macOS 10.13 and newer

To install ArGest Backup, open the DMG and Drag the Application to the Application Folder alias. When you first launch the application, ArGest Backup will prompt for permission and install the system-critical components into /usr/local/bin. The remainder of the components are installed into

/Library/Application Support/ArGest Backup

and the UI components – ArGest Backup and bruTALK are installed into

/Applications/ArGest Backup/.

Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11

Installation on Windows is a standard Windows EXE installation package. Once installed, the ArGest Backup application will be installed in

C:\Program Files\ArGest Backup\

and the operating environment will be created in

C:\ProgramData\OWC\ArGest Backup\

64bit Linux

Because there are so many Linux distributions, the ArGest Backup package is a self-contained .run installer. To install the solution – including the Desktop file for your Applications menu, use the following command (assuming the .run file was downloaded and unzipped in your Downloads folder):

sudo ~/Downloads/ArGest_Backup_4.1.*.run

Once completed, the ArGest Backup and ArGest Backup Import Tool GUI applications will be installed in

/opt/ArGest Backup/
/opt/ArGest Backup Import Tool/

the environment will be created in

/usr/local/ArGest Backup/

and the Open Desktop entry files will be added to


Your Applications menu will be updated automatically and the ArGest Backup application will be listed in the “Administration” section:

Linux Application Menu Entry

For each platform, the bru, brutalk, and other binary tools will be installed in a system PATH location for terminal or CLI access. On Windows, this is a Registry update that will require that you log out and back in as your user for the PATH change to take effect.