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Backing up Raw devices: (-r)

This enables BRU to backup or restore raw data partitions. A Raw data partition is sometimes used by large database programs for storage. These partitions can now be backed up with BRU as long as a file called /etc/bruraw is created with the definitions of that device included in it. The file should contain entries in the format below :

Raw Device name Size Blk Size Starting Offset
/dev/rdisk0 30G 512 0

NOTE: An entry MUST exist in the bruraw file or BRU will abort the operation with an error message.

When backing up raw partitions, you must either have the device node in the tree relative to your current location or you must explicitly declare the raw device on the command line as a file name. For example, if you are in / and the raw device node in /dev/rdisk0, you can use this command line to back it up properly:

bru -cv -r /dev/rdisk0

If, however, you are invoking the bru command from your home directory, you must include the path to the device node on the command line:

bru -cv -r /dev/rdisk0 /dev/rdisk0

NOTE: If any writes occur during the backup, we will issue error messages explaining that some data changed during the backup. We do suggest that if this happens, you should run your backup process again and attempt to get a clean image of that data. BRU starts reading at the front of a file and works its way through it. We do not lock files so if the information was changed during our backup that information on the tape or archive device will be incorrect.