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  5. Telling BRU This Is a Backup (-c)

Telling BRU This Is a Backup (-c)

The -c option creates the archive. It does not require a parameter. All uses of bru to create archives will begin with

bru -c

The command line shown above is the simplest backup command you can give. But it assumes two things: First, since it does not specify a device, it assumes that your /etc/brutab file has been set up to specify a default device (see “Telling BRU What Device To Use: -f,” below; Chapter 13, “Setting Device Parameters: The brutab File”; and Appendix E, “A Sample brutab File”). Second, it assumes you want to use BRU’s default value for files. When writing an archive, the default for BRU is to select all files in the current directory and any subdirectories of the current directory.