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  5. The BRU Command Line

The BRU Command Line

The generalized BRU command line looks like this:

bru modes [control options] [selection options] [files]

where bru is the command and modes tells BRU, for example, whether you are backing up or restoring files. The most commonly used control options specify the device on which an archive is written, the size of the buffer to be used, or the string with which the archive is to be labeled. The selection options tell BRU which files or directories to archive. These might be files owned by a particular user or files created or modified after a particular date.

Options are always start with a hyphen and a letter that indicates the type of option. Some options also require parameters. The following sections describe how each of the most common options is used. See Appendix C, “The BRU Manual Page,” for a detailed description of all options.