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ArGest Backup has no upper data content size limit and can support single stream archives of 8TB or more. Conceptually, because of its 64-bit data handling abilities (even on 32-bit systems), ArGest Backup can process a single backup stream of up to 16 exabytes.

With high-speed tape or disk technologies, ArGest Backup can easily write archives at over 500MB/sec. Of course, that number will be dependent on both the type and size of data being archived and the speed of your source storage devices, but consistent throughput rates of 310MB/Sec when writing to SAS LTO-7/8 tape drives have been witnessed by many customers.

Device Expected Average Performance Table

Device Interface Performance Native Capacity
LTO-1 SCSI, FC 15MB/Sec, 54GB/Hr 100GB
LTO-2 SCSI, FC 30MB/Sec, 108GB/Hr 200GB
LTO-3 SCSI, SAS, FC 40-80MB/Sec, 144-288GB/Hr 400GB
LTO-4 cSCSI, SAS, FC 40-110MB/Sec, 144-396GB/Hr 800GB
LTO-5 SAS, F-C 40-140MB/Sec, 144-504GB/Hr 1.5TB
LTO-6 SAS, F-C 40-160MB/Sec, 144-576GB/Hr 2.5TB
LTO-7 SAS, F-C 40-300MB/sec, 144-1,080GB/Hr 6TB
LTO-8 (M8) SAS, F-C 40-300MB/sec, 144-1,080GB/Hr 9TB
LTO-8 SAS, F-C 40-300MB/sec, 144-1,080GB/Hr 12TB
LTO-9 SAS, F-C 40-300MB/sec, 144-1,080GB/Hr 18TB

In the table above, the performance range on faster drives depends on your host and filesystem performance. The lower number is average for an older USB-2, SATA-1, or PATA-based system. The higher number maybe even faster than indicated if you have a very high throughput SSD/NVMe or RAID-based filesystem utilizing FC or SAS for the transport layer.