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A Sample bruxpat File

Here is a typical bruxpat file with patterns used to include and exclude files:
# Sample bruxpat
# Not all of these are necessary and are
# provided for example ONLY!
# Include the C runtime startup file but
# exclude all other object
# files.
is */crt0.o
xs *.o
# Exclude all core files.
xs */core
xs core
# Exclude files and subdirectories in
# the temporary directories. Handle
# both relative and absolute
# form pathnames.
xs ./usr/tmp/*
xs /usr/tmp/*
xs ./tmp/*
xs /tmp/*
# Don’t waste time trying to compress
# files that are already compressed
zs *.[Zz]
zs *.gz
zs *.bz2
zs *.mp3
zs *.gif
zs *.jpg

The patterns act as filters that are applied to pathnames currently known by BRU. A pathname currently known by BRU is any pathname included by default (the current directory and everything below the current directory) or specified on the BRU command line (either explicitly or read in from files). The -X option will not cause BRU to select or include any files that are not part of the current directory or that are not among the directories or files specified as part of the BRU command line.