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Command line override option: (-Q)

The -Q options along with the -x “Restore” option change default BRU operations as described below. Below we have laid the options out in the command line format -QL for instance.

  • -QL Use a literal string as a tape label. This will override BRU’s attempt to look for a file from which to read the tape label. This can be useful if you have a file that is the same name as the label you wish to apply to the restore command.
  • -QR Disable SmartRestore. This option turns off BRU’s handling of open or shared files. It is not recommended that you override this setting
  • -QS Translate Symbolic Links. This option is used in conjunction with the -T option will force the translation of symbolic links as explained in the -T option found above.
  • -QV Ignore “Incorrect Volume” warnings. When restoring from a multi-tape set or beginning a restore from other then the first tape is a set, BRU will normally issue a warning message. Using this option BRU will not issue the warning message and continue the restore process.