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This chapter describes the command line options used to get files out of an archive—BRU’s restore mode. The -x, or extract, option allows you to do a full restore or a partial restore. You may want to do a full restore, for example, when a hard disk has crashed and you have replaced it with an empty formatted disk. You may want to do a partial restore to install a software update, or more commonly, when a user has deleted a file accidentally.

This chapter follows the same outline as Chapter 5, “Archiving Files: BRU’s Backup Function.” Since many of the command line options are used with both backup (-c) and restore (-x) modes, they will be summarized in this chapter—but the examples will be exclusively of their use with the extract option. You may want to look at the corresponding sections in Chapter 5, or at the BRU manual page in Appendix C, for a more complete description of these options. We’ve organized the manual this way for two reasons: First, separating the backup and restore functions is more useful for reference. Although backup and restore command lines may include some of the same options, their use is different. Second, by the time you are restoring files, you will be familiar with many of the command line options common to both backup and restore functions. You will not need to hear about them again in detail.

The options that can be used with the bru command allow you to tell BRU:

  • That you want to restore files
  • What device to use
  • The verbosity level
  • To generate log files
  • To wait for confirmation of each action it takes
  • To change the ownership of extracted files
  • To specify files using wildcard name expansion
  • To extract files regardless of dates
  • To extract only files that do not already exist on the system
  • To extract files from an archive using a list
  • To extract files from an archive based on modification date
  • To extract files from an archive based on ownership
  • Where to put the extracted files
  • NOTE: In this section we talk about extracting files from archives. If you are unfamiliar with this way of referring to the restore function, see the “Definitions” section of Chapter 1.