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Appendiz A – Files That Are Installed

The BRU files that are installed on your system are listed below. For simplicity, we often refer to a tape drive rather than listing all the possible media types. Where we have done this, it should be understood that all media types are included.

Main Application:

The macOS ArGest Backup UI application.

/opt/ArGest Backup/
The Linux ArGest Backup UI application.

C:\Program Files\ArGest Backup\
The Windows ArGest Backup UI application.

Environment – catalogs and settings:

/Library/Application Support/ArGest Backup/
The binary, catalog, and settings are stored in this folder on macOS systems.

/usr/local/ArGest Backup/
The binary, catalog, and settings are stored in this folder on Linux systems.

C:\ProgramData\OWC\ArGest Backup\
The binary, catalog, and settings are stored in this folder on Windows systems.

The following configuration files are located in the etc folder within the environment folders listed above:

The parameter file that customizes BRU for your system. You will need to further customize this file by entering the parameters for your tape drive.

A file in which you may specify patterns that will match files you want to include in or exclude from your backups and restores. The bruxpat file permits BRU to archive and extract files selectively. See Appendix J, “The bruxpat File.”

Other files:

This file contains information regarding to restoring open or shared files that require special handling such as the system kernel or shared libraries that are in use.

The bru backup and restore program on Linux and macOS. The Windows copy is stored within the ArGest Backup environment folder listed above.

A shell script that uses BRU to perform an incremental backup. The incbru command will speed daily backups by causing BRU to back up only files that have been changed since the last time fullbru was run. You may want to customize the incbru script to handle your specific backup needs. See Appendix H, “The Shell Scripts incbru and fullbru.”

A shell script that will perform a full system backup (level 0) as part of an incremental backup procedure. The fullbru script works with incbru, described above.

A program used to communicate with BRU when BRU is run in background mode. See Appendix I, “The brutalk Program.”

/Library/Application Support/ArGest Backup/README

A file that contains specific information for your type of system. It also contains information that may have been too late to be included in this manual.

On Linux and Windows systems, additional files and utility programs may also be installed in the bru directory at the root of your system drive. These are optional and are not needed to make BRU or ArGest Backup work properly. This directory also contains a copy of the bru executable as /bru/bru or C:\bru\bru.exe. This is not the version that is normally executed. This copy is stored as a safety precaution, in case the executable copy, stored as /usr/local/bin/bru, is lost or corrupted.