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General Notes

Wizard Dialog

ArGest Backup is a desktop-oriented, hands-on backup, archival, and recovery application designed to allow the most non-technical user to perform fully verified archival of personal, business, or production assets through an intuitive and easy-to-use drag, drop, and click operation.

ArGest Backup provides the highest level of data integrity by the use of OWC Group’s BRU™ technology – an archival technology used for over 37 years in the Unix systems world providing backup and archival of data ranging from small office server environments to government forensic lab support and protection of critical project data for agencies such as NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories and Lawrence-Livermore National Labs.

Advanced View

ArGest Backup wraps the reliability and performance of the BRU engine within an easy-to-use interface that was designed to provide the highest levels of both performance and reliability in one easily learned archival application.