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The most important uses of BRU-creating archives, inspecting or verifying archives, and extracting files from archives have been covered in earlier chapters. In this chapter, we describe some of the more advanced uses of BRU. Among these advanced uses are:

  • Using a different I/O buffer size
  • Using an explicit media size
  • Reading archives from stdin or writing archives to stdout
  • Using multiple archive devices
  • Controlling ownership of extracted files
  • Ways to increase BRU’s speed
  • Saving archive space by using data compression
  • Setting up BRU to run with brutalk
  • Setting the interaction options
  • Running BRU from cron
  • Controlling BRU’s I/O streams
  • Tuning BRU for shared memory
  • Using BRU to save and restore sparse files
  • Using BRU with a bootable floppy
  • Using BRU with remote backup devices
  • Using BRU to do “live” system backups