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Selection Depth for Backup: (-U)

BRU, by default will expand directories when given from the command line. With this option BRU can be limited to a certain level of directories that it will expand. By running BRU with the -U0 (zero) option BRU will only backup the first level of the directory given or the current directory. This can be very useful when you need to backup only the files from a specific directory and none of the files below that directory. For example, the command below will only backup the current directory depth. BRU will backup all files in /home/web and all directory nodes or (names) but it will not pass through and backup files in other directories:

bru -c -V -U0 /home/web

Below you will see an example of running the option but with the -U option set to two (2):

bru -c -V -U2 /home/web

With this folder depth setting, BRU would backup all files and nodes in the /home/web (level 0) directory along with /home/web/test (level 1), /home/web/test/runone (level 2), but BRU would not backup files in the /home/web/test/runone/demo1 (3 levels deep).