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Catalogs – What Are They?

To make locating data in an archive easier, ArGest Backup uses a combination of disk and tape-based catalogs which contain the full listing of every file and folder that was included in the archive. To insure availability, the catalogs are written both to your ArGest Backup system disk and following the archive on the tape. This allows you to easily transfer tapes to another system using the export catalog functionality or recover the catalogs in the event of a system failure using the ArGest Backup Import Tool.

Please note – the archive catalogs are NOT your archives, nor are they required to restore data from a BRU archive; they simply make it easier to search for a specific file or folder for performing a restore operation. While a catalog entry will tell you what’s IN an archive, you still need the physical archive / tape to restore data.

For more detailed information of how the catalogs are managed in reference to your ArGest Backup environment, please refer to Appendix B – Tape / Archive / Catalog Design Notes later in this guide.