LTO Drive and Cartridge Compatibility Matrix

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The following displays which LTO tapes may be used in which LTO drives, as well as what abilities the drive has when that tape is inserted.

Note: Because LTO is not vendor-specific (it is an open technology developed by multiple hardware vendors), you are not required to use HP tapes with HP drives. You may use Certance tape in HP drives or any other manufacturer. LTO is not brand specific, only LTO type-specific. You must use the correct LTO tapes with the correct LTO drives. This table tells you which drives can use which LTO tapes.

Tape Gen LTO-1 Drive LTO-2 Drive LTO-3 Drive LTO-4 Drive LTO-5 Drive LTO-6 Drive LTO-7 Drive LTO-8 Drive LTO-9 Drive
LTO-1 Tape R/W R/W R
LTO-2 Tape R/W R/W R
LTO-3 Tape R/W R/W R
LTO-4 Tape R/W R/W R
LTO-5 Tape R/W – L R/W – L R – L
LTO-6 Tape R/W – L R/W – L
LTO-7 Tape R/W – L R/W – L
LTO-8 Tape R/W – L R/W – L
LTO-9 Tape R/W – L
LTO Cleaning Tape X X X X X X X X X

R/W = Read/Write | R = Read Only | L = LTFS Supported | — = Not Compatible
*Any LTO cleaning tape may be used in any LTO drive. There are no type specifics for LTO cleaning tapes.

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