Desktop EditionWorkstation EditionProducer’s Edition
Starting Price$249.99$399.99$549.99
Included Features
Tape Toolstapectl onlyFull Tape ToolsFull Tape Tools
Supported # Tape Drives11 or 21 or 2
Tape Library SupportNo1 @ 24 slots or up to 50 with slot expansion1 @ 24 slots or up to 50 with slot expansion
RDX Drives11 up to 41 up to 4
Disk-based ArchivesYesYesYes
Asset Collection Tools for FCP, Adobe Premier Pro, OthersNoNoYes
Doubler ModeNoYesYes
LTFS Manager & ImportNoYesYes
Add-on Features
Slot Expansion (support for up to 50 slots)N/A$299.99$299.99
EDL SupportN/AN/A$199.99
ArGest Ingest/Ingest PRON/A$199.99/$499.99$199.99/$499.99
Upgrade* from PE 3 to AM/PE 4
With Active v3.x SupportN/AN/ANo Charge
With No Active v3.x SupportN/AN/A$349.99***
Cross-grade** OS License Changes
With Active v3.x Support from macOS to Linux, or WindowsN/AN/A$99.99
With No Active v3.x or 4.x SupportN/AN/A$349.99
Annual Support and Updates
With Purchase Of License$49.99$49.99$149.99
After Purchase Of License$99.99$99.99$299.99

* Upgrade is macOS to macOS only
** Cross-grade applies to changing platform from macOS to either Windows or Linux
*** 1 year extended support included in the cross-grade / upgrade price
**** Remaining time of 3.x extended support transfers to new license.